The GarminTM GPS File Conversion Utility

GARDYLOO is a DOS utility that works with Garmin GPS receivers and the GARDOWN file transfer program. GARDYLOO and GARDOWN are free. GARDYLOO converts between various file formats as shown by arrows here:

Track File

DXF File

Waypoint File

ASR File

Coastline Data

Speed Data

Click on any of the file types above to learn more about them. The general syntax for using the DOS command prompt utility is

GARDYLOO <opt> <infile> <outfile>
with one option selected from those shown above and the names of the input and output files. GARDYLOO also has a track reduction option (-T2T) that removes unnecessary points from a track.

Click here to download the program (101545 bytes): GARDYLOO.EXE Save it at some location in the DOS PATH.

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|DXF File| |ASR File| |Speed Data|

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