DXF File

Standard Format for CAD

The screen image shows three types of data imported from DXF files into AutoCAD. The coastlines were obtained with GARDYLOO -C2D, the waypoints were obtained with GARDYLOO -W2D50000 and the GPS track was obtained from GARDYLOO -T2D.

Gardyloo converts the entities to the CAD program's X-Y space without any projection transformation. That is, longitude simply becomes the X coordinate, and latitude the Y coordinate. This has the effect of making higher latitude charts appear stretched horizontally. This can be corrected by rotating the CAD program's viewport about the Y axis by an amount equal to the local latitude.

Simple CAD entities consisting of a single polyline can be exported to a DXF file, and converted to a Track file with GARDYLOO - D2T. This is useful for constructing maps and uploading them to a GPS.

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