In May 1998, Sue and Peter travelled to Italy and Spain. Here are a few pictures from the trip.
Tuscany, Italy
Sue's father rented a villa 'Casa Castelrino' on the Montozzi estate. This is in the Tuscany region, near the town of Arezzo. We stayed there for the first week.
This is the view from the Estate's castle, built in 1399, down to the olive orchard where our villa was. The yellow in the valley is a field of rapeseed.
Here is a postcard, showing a villa like the one we stayed in. The red color is from wild poppies, blooming in May throughout the Mediterranean coast.
From the villa, it was a 45 minute drive to Florence. Here is a view of a bridge over the Arno river.
We climbed to the top of the Duomo in Florence, with its spectacular frieze inside. Here is a view from the top down on terra cotta roofs and a private garden.
Here are Sue and Peter in the well-preserved medieval city of San Gimignano. This walled city is on a hill-top and features multiple towers. These days it is awash in tour buses and souvenir stores.

We also visited Siena and Volterra which were nearby.

On the way to Spain we spent a night in Pisa. Its famous leaning tower is in the background.
Rosas, Spain
We stayed with our friends the Mann's at their vacation home in Rosas. This picture shows the ruined Visigoth fort at the bottom of their street.
This is Peter and Marianne Mann, with the Mann's new puppy Bolleke.
Nearby in Figueras is the Salvatore Dali Museum, built by the artist in the last ten years of his life. Peter is standing outside by the eggs.
Our thanks to Robert Stern for planning the Italy portion of the trip, and to John and Marianne Mann for their hospitality in Spain.